Writing Partners

Our volunteer writing partners are people of different ages, life stages and religious, cultural and education backgrounds. They share the desire to learn more about the Holocaust and support survivors in telling their stories in the manner that was meaningful to them.

Survivor:  Edith Grosman

J Landsberg thumb

My family was extremely fortunate to not have any close family members living outside of North America during the war. I learned about the Holocaust, of course, at Hebrew school, but I had never heard any first-hand accounts. I had a close friend whose parents were Holocaust survivors, but like many survivors, they never spoke about their experiences. It was unbelievably moving to spend time with Edith Grosman and hear her incredible story. Edith’s memories of her time in the camps with her sister and her long arduous journey back home after the war were as clear as if they had happened yesterday and I was so honoured to be able to help share her story.

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